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Luxor Baladna Choreography

  • 2خطوتان


Zoom Recordings available for playback and download after each class. October Syllabus Theme Music: Luxor Baladna In this class we will together explore 1. The dance traditions of the Upper Egyptian Saidi Music 2. Humanities&History of Luxor 3. The famous Maazin Family 4. The beautiful choreo of Luxor Baladna Dance props: Please prepare Stick and Finger Cymbals 每节课的Zoom课堂录像可下载保存观看。 10月主题舞蹈课“Luxor Baladna” 1:上埃及Saidi 音乐舞蹈传统 2:卢克索人文历史 3:著名的玛金家族 4:舞蹈“Luxor Balana “编排 备注:备好藤杖与指钹


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