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Wendi Weng is the founder of China's One Thousand and One Nights Dance Art Center and is currently the Artistic Director of the "1001 Experimental Theater".


She has won the Asian International Music, Dance Art Competition, and the champion of the Fujian Women's Talent and Emotional Reality Show.

Wendi is known for her spiritual teaching, and she has trained a group of outstanding dancers and teachers with distinct personalities and independent thoughts to cultivate a group of talents in the promotion of Chinese oriental dance.


She has served as a judge of the major art festivals in China, traveling to Middle East and North Africa, and many countries in East Africa.

She went to the United States in 2015 and actively joined in various art activities at New York and actively promoted dance art.

She has successively exhibited at New York fashion Events and art exhibition centers, poetry associations, Museum, libraries, churches and artists from different fields cooperated, she hopes to establish a bridge between Eastern and Western culture through her work.

Artists' Statement:
Dance can express any emotion or idea. In my dream, there are no countries, no can be a
universal language which can bring all of humanity together.

It is my dream to create an art form which is pure energy, free of the constraints of the ego.

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