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Saidi Workshop with Ian Montes International Master Teacher

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

A short clip of the combo from the workshop

Ian Montes

Since early age dedicates himself to art, estudying dance with much zeal. In 2005, at the age of 8, started his trajectory through dance. He was enchanted by thefolk and traditional Arab dances.

He’s the creator, director, choreographer and dancer of Grupo Aunar. The first arabian dance group in Latin America, to organize with it’s members courses and workshops to students of many countries in Americas, Europe and Asia.

Creator and director of the Aunar Fest. The first festival in Americas, focused in Arabian, folk and traditional dances. Will have it’s second edition (first presential edition), in 2022.

Currently teaches choreographies, workshops, courses and personal classes, for many schools and dancers around the world. He has students from: Portugal, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Canada, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Malaysia and India.

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